In the country where I live, Puerto Rico, there are two parties that have ruled for years. Every four years people choose wich of these two will take back the power of the country, in hope of achieving some progress. Unfortunately this situation never happens, but for some reason people continue shoosing between these two. These two parties are, The New Progressive Party (PNP), which advocates for Puerto Rico becoming a state of hte U.S and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), which advocates thhat Puerto Rico remains a colony of the U.S. Believe it or not, there are other parties and between the others exist the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), which advocates for the independence of Puerto Rico. And why I bring all this information? Because in my country the majority of people discriminates or criticizes those who, like me, believe in something different.

For years I was critized, humuliated and rejected for having a different form of thinking than others. By having other opinion about what is good and what is the best solution to our contrys problems. For years I defended my self with the same manners that they used to humiliate me, that was violence. But in the end this behavior and reactions gave me no results. Since childhood I realized I did not have a good control of my emotions, because no matter how tiny it was what was molesting me my anger always exploded. Little by little I learned to control those impulses and through the experiences I become a better person. All this experiences has helped me to act differently. My solution was, ignore them and tell them that I respected there opinion and that I did not care of anything that they could say. The reason that this new way of operating result was because I realized that if I act violently in return I would recieve more violence. By acting in the opposite way I prove to them that I didn’t care, leaving them with no reason to argue with me.

In conclusion, we can say that the attitude of these individuals has demonstrated the insecurity felt in them and the envy towards me. Through all these experience, today, I am a stronger and better person able to make better decisions. My advice to you would be, ignore who do not make your life a more productive one.

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Report: Students fight for a bright future

Since the beginning of our story there have been events that have marked us as a country and as individuals. Events that step by step have made our culture distinctive of others. It was since our discovery on November 19, 1493 by Christopher Columbus and our exchange to the United states on December 10, 1898 by the Treaty of Paris after the Spanish American War, that marked us. This mixture of races, culture, language and religion is what defines and identifies us today as Puerto Rican. Puerto Rico is certainly a unique country and very different from any other. In addition to the technological advances,  the contribution we make to the economy of the United States, our achievements in the academics, sports and arts, and all the events that gradually have marked our history, there is one that for the past years has contributed to many of the decisions in our country. This event is the movement of the students in the University of Puerto Rico.

  We must have in mind that every student is considered the country’s future. It’s up to them to decide which decisions are good to take and which would have to be removed. Because after all they are the future professionals. The students strikes has not only been for the improve and benefit of the university, but also for the benefit of the people. They’re also fighting to preserve our culture, language and identity. Many walkouts, strikes and manifestations have been due to the threat of the rising tuition, course clousures, to the defend of the right of freedom espression and many others. Also students movements have joined the people’s fight against the injustice committed by the government. Below, you will see some important events that marked the history of our country and the university:

1941: A broad opposition from students and teachers against the nomination of Governor Tugwell to the rectory and later resigned. 

1948: The student protest escalated into a strike as part of the repudiation of the rector Jaime Benitez decision to deny permission to use the university theather in Rio Piedras for Pedro Albizu Campos. There’re were violent clashes with the police in which hundreds of students were arrested and about 400 were expelled. 

1969: The ROTC building in Rio Piedras was burned and students from the Socialist League were arrested. The residency of Juan Antonio Corretjer was raided because he was linked with the fire. They continued arresting students and a group of theses stage a hunger strike. On the other hand the ROTC cadets, on a parade, attacked the headquarters of the Law School. The comittee independence movement was attacked by the right groups.

1970: Confrontation between students continued because of the Vietnam War. The Governor Luis A. Ferre authorized the task force to intervene. This event is best known for the murder by police of the student of pedagody Antonia Martinez Lagares, that from her balcony claimed the police for the abuses. To this event was followed the attack to the U.S. marines, resulting one dead. Then there was a strike of a week at the Rio Piedras Campus. In the summer, in a ceremony of graduation, president Jaime Benitez was slapped in the face by a student and then massively booed bye graduates.

  1990-1994: Students strikes in opposition to the increase in enrollment. It was in one of these that they used the name of conscience street, in a street near the university. One of these strikes are considered the one of the “3,000 cats”. In this strike was decided that if by noon there wasn’t 1,000 students outside the gates of the university the strike was going to be canceled. The proposal arises because someone said that in these strikes always appeared just 3 or 4 people (“3 o 4 gatos” an expression of puerto ricans) That day arrived 3,000 students so the strike continued to 24-hours.  2010: Strike in 10 of the 11 campuses of the University of Puerto Rico against the elimination of tuition wairers and to demand the opening of finantial books. The Rio Piedras campus had declared a strike against the fee of $800. 

The student movement was, is and will be the key to a better future, where the people are the ones who make the decisions and not the government. Little by little each one of these strikes is creting a new space of living and a new bright future. A future in which the indifference of people doesn’t exist and a future in which money is not the most important thing. Long live the students and their struggle to make a better and a free education. 

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She change me!

    Since birth, there are people who are destined to show you the right path in life. There are different cases, in a family are the parents, in school are the teacher and in work is your boss. During the lifetime and through the experiences that you’re getting in the way, you learn what things are beneficials or harmful for you. Little by little you begin to form as a person, acquire knoledge, skills and begin to shape the figure in wich you see yourself in a future. In my case, besides my parents, there are some people who during the journey of my life have helped me become the person I am today. They, without knowing who I am, have filled the empty space in me, have clarified my doubts, helped me overcome my fears and failures and have taught me how to survive in this world. How? Just the way they lived their lives and how they never give up by any sircumstances. 

     But they didn’t came to my head like magic. I was reading a couple of history books and in content they had biographies of different important people of the world. Among them  were six Puerto Ricans and one Argentine that caught my attention. They were: Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Pedro Albizu Campos, Lolita Lebrón, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irving Flores, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Antonia Martinez Lagares. Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Puerto Rican, best known for the assault to the Wells Fargo in Hartford, Connecticut. Stealing 7 million dollars that he and his group used to buy toys for the poor children and finance the independence movement. Pedro Albizu Campos, Puerto Rican, known for fighting till the last day of his life for the independece of Puerto Rico and all the countries that need it. Lolita Lebrón, Rafael Cancel Miranda and Irving Flores, also Puerto Ricans, kown for the assault to the United States House of Representatives in 1954. Lolita was best known because when she got arrested she yelled “I did not come to kill anyone, I came to die for Puerto Rico”! Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Argentine, known for being one of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution and one of the closest friends of the maximum Cuban leader Fidel Catro. 

      My admiration for these people is not because of what they did or are known, it is because of the path that they had throughout their lifes. Their dedication to an ideal and people, for the defence of a cause. It was that constant dedication, no matter what others say or may happen, that make me realized that life is for the people that fight fot their believes and goals, and not for the ones that prefer to sit and wait. They taught me that life is not easy for those who wants to do the right thing, because there would always be an obstacle that is not going to let you move forward and its up to you to give up or fight till you pass it. But it was the story of a 21 years old young lady that awoke the anger in me and was her act what change my life forever. This is her story. 

      March 4, 1970. The University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras was having a manifestation which later became a strike. The conflict began when the task force/strike force of the police was sent to the University of Puerto Rico to intervene against the students. Antonia, a 21 yeas old young lady, student of the University of Puerto Rico, was watching what was happening from the balcony of her lodging on the second floor of the Ponce de León Avenue. While she was looking from her balcony, she saw how a group of police officers were beating a group of students. When she saw the brutality of the act, she yell at them “asesinos” (murderes). One of the officers looked up at the balcony, took out his pistol from his pocket and fired. The bullet went through the head of Antonia and wounded in the neck another student that was with her. Antonia died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The student that was with her recounted what happened and identified the one who did it. The police was accused and later acquitted. But was later discovered that the police department and the FBI altered the case, blamming someone that had nothing to do and hiding the responsable. Antonia then became a symbol of braveness and a role model. She became the fighting spirit of the people.

     The effect that this story had on me when I read it was one of phases. First, I was in a state of shock and surprise. I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly all these questions coming In and out of my head, making me more and more confused. How could it be posible that exists such brutalilty inside of the brain of a human being? How close a person is to look and act like an animal? What kind of person is able to do such things? But like my dad once told me, “welcome to reality my love”! Second, I begin to search for the history of different contries and then I realized that like Antonia there were much more. So much injustice, so much misery, deaths, betrayals, power and control abuse. I educate my self in every way. Third, in the end I became a defender of the students rights and all the people in general. That story make me believed in social and economic equality, freedom in all the sense of the word and in unity. I don’t believe in the capital power or capitalism and least in colonies. I believe in a bright future and in a free way of living where the people are the ones with the power of decide their future  and the right of liberty. Antonia inspired me to be a better person each day. A person with only fear of God and no one else. I became a free spirit and a person willing to give my life for my country if necessary. 


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     PS: In this site, at the bottom, is the news report of that day.

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My inspiration

      I live in a place were there’s always a reason to celebrate, were the first language is spanish, and we loved the greasiest food. We are a country that is hard to find in a map because of how tiny we are. But in this tiniest place live people with big hearts. People that are always looking for something new to talk about and whispered. People that are always there for you even when you don’t need it. I live in a island called Puerto Rico, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Island. Like all the countrys in the world there’s some good and bad things and situations, but, how boring it would be to live in a place were there’s always the same things. Even though this place is so small it has so many things to offer and that’s why I fell in loved with. And is not just the way people are or the beautiful places we have, is the climate, the smell, the environment, is everything together that makes you realizedd that there’s nothing better than this. 
     It was January 30, 1994. A pemature little girl was born, me! It was the most exciting day of my life and the beginning of the first chapter in this massive territory called world. It was that day, that moment when I finally open my eyes and the first thing I saw was him. A really good looking guy, dark hair and dark eyes, with the most prettiest smiles I’ve ever seeing. He was the one that in a couple of years I was going to be able to know as my dad. He was my personal teacher, the one that gave me all that information that we call history, the one that introduce me to the arts and told me the importance of preserve our culture. Was and is the most inteligent man I’ve known and the best dad. Thanks to him a was loving life, and in my ignorance, I was beginning to confuse the pretty and happy faces with the good intentions of the people. Maybe because I was to little I dind’t realized the evil intentions of someone. 
   But it wasn’t untill I was twelve years old that I realized what was the purpose of all that teaching and reading that my dad put me through. He was preparing me psychological, physical and emotional to be in a world where I was going to be known as “the rebel one”, the one “against the current” or the most famous word the people like to use, ” the minority”. Before my twelve birthday I thought that the world was like the pink color, that everything was perfect and nothing more. But everything suddenly change a morning in my school. I was giving a speech to a few people about the importance of preserve our culture, our language, our identity and the importance of promoting the agricultural area of our country. A group of inmature students began to scream and said obscene words to me. The situation got to the point where the principal forbade me to speak in public about situations related to the country or anything else. 
      Believe it or not, that was just the beginning of a life I was destine to live, with a lot of students and people that don’t understand the reason and purpose of my acts and speeches or my political and ideological believes. Today i’m still fighting with the people that don’t understand that we live in a world with different points of views, we live with people that doesn’t respect others, just them. Cause maybe I’m wrong, but maybe you are. And that’s the secret of life, you defend what you believe is right, even if the entire world is against you, if you believe it nobody can’t stop you. 
      All that, that I am today and will be in a future is because of a person,  that since the day I was born was leading me through the right direction. That person, my dad, is the reason I’m still standing, he’s the one that make me fell in love with my country, my people, my language and everything that is inside the island. Thanks to my dad I’m able to defend my points of view and everything that is related to the prosperity of Puerto Rico.    

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” A closed door…Monologue”

Hey! Its me, again. I’ve haven’t seeing you lately. It is because of what happen? Or that you actually closed completely? I know that you can hear me, so hear, cause what I’m going to say its what I actually feel.

The first time we’ve met I though you were that person that I was searching for, a person that could understand me and don’t critized me for what I believe. In the past I was having problems with trusting people, but with you was different. They trained you well! All the history sessions, all the “chit chat” in the hallways, the meetings with my family, my secrets, my ideas…I actually though you were helping, making me change all my strategies, plans, and all because of a secret investigation. I put heart and soul on your desitions and I was only a pupet to make your way much easier. I introduce you to all my friends, my collegues even my mentor and you took advantage of that to infiltrate the information in the system.

It was long my recovery but in the end I realized that the most valid information you didn’t get it. I was willing to forgive you but it wasn’t worth it. So keep searching cause I know that you’re going to fail. Thanks for keeping that door closed cause now I see the open one. There’s one thing that all my past has though me and that is, that when you think you’re at the end of finishing something, or in this case, you’re just few steps away from closing that door, you realized that that’s just a step for another door to open. Cause that’s the beauty of life. Its never to early or to late to begin something new. So for you I said this. This is not the end, this is just the beginning of a better chapter in my life.

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“A closed door…”


       A closed door is a barrier between my real life and the life I wish to have. Is the obstacle that has been put to make me work harder than usual. Is the object that keeps me from not taking the next step. A door that is just a door but closed. That closed door is a symbolic representation of the bad luck and negativity that the world has to offer day by day. It represents the people that wants to see you fall. Its what makes you take the wrong desitions and trust the people that you shouldn’t. Only you could change it by using all that negativity in that door and convert it to something positive. Because everything happens for a reason and with bad desitions you learn the hard way to make the good ones. But is just a door that with hard work and determination could change your life, couse you could actually open it. 

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Hello world!

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